Avee Player Editing | New Effect Templete in Avee Player | Status Editing Part-14

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Whatsapp status Video edit

We will tell you after making this type of status absolutely easy from Avee Player application, if you like to watch some kind of status video editing then you can subscribe to our channel Use Editing as we keep uploading similar videos. Huh. So let’s start before I tell you that I have given the link of all the material I am using at the bottom of my post, you can download it from there and you will find the Template of Avee player application below and yes The thing to keep in mind is that after downloading the Template, you do not have to leave the post because I have told about some imported settings in the post. If you leave the post and go away, then you miss those imported settings, then if you want to read the post completely, let’s start. Avee player Editing.

Avee player template download

So first of all, open avee Player application, then I open av player application, after opening avee player application, some type of interface will appear, just select the template you have downloaded, first of all to select it in this box Clicking on and going to the Load A file from here and selecting that template, then I select that template, then it will come to your last after the template.

After this, something like this will appear, after this, you have to select your song, go to 3dot here, go to your song library and select your song, then I have selected my song.

After selecting the song, you have to click on the pencil here and after clicking on the pencil icon, your image is given or not, click on this image and after going to General Settings, make this tick visible. After visible you have to click on the general again, after this, click on the image, after clicking on the image, click on this box and go to your image from here and take your image, then I take my image, then I took my image Have taken.

After this, you have to come back from here, after coming to the bank, you have been given the option of this border. Clicking on the image border and visualizing the box after going to the settings of General. Just click on this blur effect and after going to General Settings, make it visible too.

After visualization, you have to click on the pencil icon again, but from here, go to the image of mood off, after that, click on General Settings and after this visualization, here is the visual. Image of mood off will come. Avee player Editing

After this, you have to click on the pencil and come to the option of bars. After coming to the bars option, you have to go to General Settings and after visible this truck from the visual you are given two parts below. Particles also have to go to the General’s setting and visible these political as well.

After this, if the name of my YouTube channel is visible here, if you want to write your own name here or remove it, then go to the pencil here and go to the image yt logo here and after going to General Settings here To untick this tick, untick the visual, till you see the name of my YouTube channel has been removed, if you want to put your own name or logo here, then go to image and click on this box from here Image has to be taken. Selecting the logo or the name you want to write, after selecting the image, your name or logo will appear.

After this, you have to export from someone, this is the setting to export.
Video with 1080
Video highit 1350

Status Editing Material Download

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Image Download

Avee Player Template Download

Avee Player Download

So friends Avee Player Editing After this our status has become completely.

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