Diwali Trending Status Editing in Kinemaster Tutorial Part- 11

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Status Editing Tutorial

Hello friends, today we will tell you how to create this type of status with the help of kinemaster and before that I wish you all a very happy and happy Diwali. If you like watching similar editing videos then subscribe to our channel and bull If you do not forget to press the icon, let’s start this post and then you will first need a master application whose link I have put on my Telegram channel, you can go and download it.

Kinemaster Editing Tutorial

So first you have to open the master application, after opening the master master application, tap on plus and select 1: 1 made from here, I have given the link of all the material you are using and you can download it by going down After downloading, you have to select from it, then select the image in the first and after selecting click right and if you want to create the status then keep it or else I want to make 15 second status .Use editing status material

So I keep it for 15 seconds, then after that click on the right and after going to the layer, select the second image again. After selecting the image, select the image on the flower, after doing this way After clicking here, you have to click on the right.

After clicking, go to the layer, after going to the media, I have given an imagen and select it, then after selecting it, I have to click on the full status. After this, you have to go here to go to 3dot, after going to 3dot, click on send background from here, after clicking on set background, after selecting something like this, here after setting it here, you click on right here Do. Use editing status material

Then you have to go to the option of the key, click on the option and come to the last here, since the last time you have to do this and the way you want to send it two or three times, after doing the rounds, you have to click on the right. After clicking, some kind of effect will come in our status, after doing so after the kind of effect.

You have to go beyond the layer, after going to the layer, go to the media and select the PNG of Deepavali from here. Select this PNG of Deepavali after selecting the PNG. Select this to full, after doing something like this, you have to go to 3dot from here and duplicate it. After duplicating, put l on both sides, and after clicking, you need to click on the right. editing status material

Go to layer again after going to layer add one more png after adding this png you add like this here take a little zoom and add here like this after adding add you blending down here The option to come is to select the ovellay only after coming to the building option, after selecting the overlay, you have to click on the right, select the status of its player, and after selecting it, you have to click on the right and click on the right After doing you

To come to the media, I have given the link below, you have to download the image by going to the link and then select it. After that, after selecting your image, after selecting your image, you have to go to the blending option, after going to the planning option, you have to screen like this, then adjust your image after adjusting it. you

After going to the media, after going to the media, I gave a link at the bottom and take it too. After taking it, zoom it a little. Once on the first corner, put it in this way. After zooming, clicking on the key, after clicking, tap on plus and rotate the image by coming to the last of the layer 5 to 6 times and similarly on the other corner.

After this you have given the icon of this song here, you have to go here and select the song from which you want to make your status, after selecting the song, our entire status has been created.

After this, you have to export this status, after exporting, our status is complete, after this, if you have any problem, comment below and subscribe to our YouTube channel use editing and share it to your friends. At least let’s meet in the next post

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