How To Make a Status Video in Kinemaster | Imovie Status Editing Tutorial | part-13

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Status Editing tutorial

hello Dosto Welcome to another great post today, in this post today we will tell you about creating iMovie status. And if we tell along with him, let’s start.

First of all, let me tell you that I have given the link of all the material I am using below, you can go and download these from there, if you are having any problem in downloading, then you can comment below. And if you like watching similar status editing videos, then our channels can subscribe to use editing as we keep uploading similar editing videos.

Status Editing In Kinemaster

So let’s start, first of all you have to open the key master application, I have put a link to it on my Telegram channel, if you do not have it, then you can download it by going to Telegram and after opening the kinemaster application, tap on Plus And after selecting the ratio of 16: 9, after this you have to go to the media and take your image after going to the media, take the same image from which you want to make your status, then I take my image. After taking the image, you have to click on it and adjust it by going here. After doing this your image, you have to click on the right. After clicking on the right, after dragging your image for whatever number of seconds you If you want to make the status, keep it for as many seconds, then I want to make it for 30 seconds, then I keep it for 30 seconds status .

After keeping it for 30 seconds, you have to go like this for two seconds and go from here to 2 seconds and cut it. After cutting the image, click between them after typing, like Acceleration Chomastic Zoom
Ratrospection Shakhe It Download these four effects by going to get more. After downloading, I select them in turn, then I select them.

I have given all these effects, after applying the effect, I have given a link to a particle in the description, you have to select it. So to select you have to go to the layer, after going to the media, select that particle, after selecting the particle, you have to come down to the blending option here and then screen it after landing option. Then click on the right.

Then after this, you have to click on the layar of the particle and go to the adjustment settings here, after going to the adjustment setting, you have to make this color white, so for this you have to bring this last line down like this. After the color of our party yesterday is slightly white, after clicking white and zooming in this way, after zooming in, you will see our status type after applying something like this.

After this, if you want to export it, then in whatever quality you want, you have to export it and then you have to come back after the video is exported.

Power Director status Editing

After coming back, you have to open the power director application. After opening the Power Director application, you have to click on the create project from here. After this, the ratio of 16: 9 is selected. And if you take that video of export, then I take that video, after taking the video, you have to click here.

After clicking here, you have to take a video with black background, if you want to make your status on another song, then you go to YouTube and download the video with the black background of that song, after downloading you click here After selecting it, after selecting it, you have to click on it and by clicking here, select it in this way on your full image full video.

After clicking on the pencil after lying in this way, after clicking the pencil, you will come to the option of chroma key, after clicking on the option of chroma key, click on this key and apply it here like this After increasing it a little bit, you can see that the status of our work has been made.

If you remove this black skin from the Kinemaster application, then the color of the emoji on this black screen will change and its quality is also poor, then after that you have to export it to our gallery and after exporting, our status is completely Has been made

So in today’s post, status editing tutorial, that’s all, if you have come for the first time on our channel, then subscribe to the channel and if you liked the post, then share it with your friends and if anything is happening Comment below, let’s meet, thanks for reading the post in the status editing tutorial end

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