New Effect Status Editing In Avee Player | Status Editing | part-12

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Hello friends, in this post today we will give you new effect status editing tutorial information and along with it you will also provide status editing tutorial, status download, whatsapp status download, avee player template download, status editing material information.

All Status Editing material download

Hello and welcome guys welcome, in a new wonderful post today, in this post today, we will tell you how to make this type of status in a very easy way, so do not skip the post at all and watch the video till the last. .

If you skip the post, then I have told some important settings in the video. If you skip and see the post then you will miss those important settings, so do not skip the post at all, so let’s start.

First of all, let me tell you that I have given the download link of all the materials I am using, you can download them by going there.

Avee Player Status Editing

So first you have to open the Avee player application. So I open the avee player application, after opening the avee player application you have to go here and I have given the link to avee Player template below. After downloading it, after downloading you have to go to load a file and that file Select the template that you have selected, then I select the file that I downloaded.

After selecting the template, you will see some kind of status, after this, you have to click on the pencil icon and select your image. To select it, you have to go to the image and by clicking on this box, go to the pick image from here. After selecting your image, I select my image, after selecting the image, you have to click on the pencil again.

And coming down here, on the image on the image below, if I want to select the same image here on BG, then I select the same image. After selecting the image, you have to click on the pencil here, from there click on the text png and after going to the image, take the image containing your png text, whatever png text you want to write if you want to take this png text So I have given the link below you will be able to come like this.

Something will appear like this, after appearing like this, you have to come to the option of bars. After coming to the bars option, you have to go to General Settings. After going to General Settings, you have to right click this box.

After this, if you have written the name of my YouTube channel, if you want to write your own name here, then you have to go to the text option here and go to the settings of the appearances and here youtube is written by clicking on it and then write your name. This is how your name will come up.

After that you have to play it and see if our status is complete, after this you have to go to 3 dot here and go to the library and take your song, whatever song you want to make your status, then I take the song After taking it, you have to export it, to export, you have to go to this corner and go there on this arrow sign and you have to export it.

To export, you need to take some care, such as its video should be 1080 and its height should be 1350.

All Materials Download Link

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Image Download

PNG Image

Avee Player Template Download

Avee Player Download

After exporting, our status has been completely made, so friends, in today’s post, if you liked this video, then like it and share it with your friends and subscribe to the channel and you get next. Thanks for reading the post status editing tutorial in the post.

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