Puzzle Effect Avee Player Template Download Part-19

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Hello friends, welcome to this new wonderful post today, in this post, in today’s post, we tell you how to create a situation with this kind of puzzle effect with the help of a single avee player application, if you have any problem then in the comment box below. You can go and comment on us, we will reply to it very quickly, so let’s start

Avee Player Template Download

So friends, to make this kind of puzzle effect status, you will need Avee Player application, which you will get easily on Play Store, now you can download it easily by going to Play Store and open it after downloading.

After the Avee Player application is open, you have to go to the Template option and from there I have given the template below. What to do is to go to the image option, after going to the pick image on the pick image, you have to go to the image and from there select your image.

After selecting the image, you will get a setting at the bottom of the image, the album art has to go to it, after that you will get a tick below. You will have to disable that tech and after you have to come back, you will get your image like this.

What to do after this, you have to go to Puzzle GIF. After going to Puzzle GIF, you have given me the link of GIF below. You have to download it and after downloading, you have to select it. After selecting it you go to General Settings. After going to the settings of General, you will see Anchor X and Anchor Y, by un-setting them, after unsetting both, you can see this kind of effect will come in our status.

After that you have to go to 3dot and select your song, after lying the songs, our status is completely made and after exporting, you have to export it.

What you need to do to export is to see an arrow option on a corner above, you have to click on it and you have to keep the video with 1080 and the video height is 1920, thus our status will be fully created.with puzzle effect avee player template download link

Material Download

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Avee Player Template



Avee Player Download


So friends, puzzle effect avee player template download in today’s post, if you liked this post, then share it with your friends and if you are facing any problem in making the status, then you can comment by going to the comment box below. Thank you for reading the post in Next Post

Video Tutorial

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