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So hello friends, in today’s post, we will tell you about Pixallab. If how to use Pixallab app, what is Pixallab App, Pixallab tutorials, Pixallab app download, Pixallab application download is not aware about the Pixallab app, then keep reading this post till the last. In this post, we will clear all your doubts, so let’s start first. Know what is a Pixallab application?

What Is Pixallab?

So let’s know what is Pixallab application? Pixallab is a photo editing app that is available on both Android and iOS, with the help of it you can edit photos in a professional way which is absolutely free. Mostly it is used to make YouTube thumbnails of all phones on YouTube. Those who do all the work from their phone, they use the Pixallab application. Now let me tell you how to use the Pixallab application, then this is not a video that I am going to tell whose tutorials are a bit thick so how to use To do

How To Use Pixallab App?

So first of all, you have to open the pixel application, the first process is if you use any other application, then it is very easy to use it in this way, then you know

So after opening first, if you want to edit a photo of another size, then you go to the three dot and from there you can choose your size by going to the image size, then this is about the size

If you want to write something, go to the option of plus and after going to the option of text, click on the pencil, you can write whatever you want to write and if you want to change its font or change the color If you want to do, you have to type at the bottom layer A and go to Font from there and can select your font by default in Pixallab’s gallery, you will get to see many fonts.

If you want to change the color of your phone then you have to go to the color option and from there you can listen to whatever color you want, there are many other things that I cannot tell you in this post. Let’s talk about

If you want to apply some other image, then you have to go to the bottom layer, go to number three and import from there and select your image from there, select whatever image you want to select, similarly can do

If you want to do some professional editing in your image, then you have to come down to your last one and from there you can change the contract brightness no more and many more and change many things that can be done Can give beauty effect

Expor Your Photo To Gallery

So we have learned to turn the picture lab application a bit, then you talk about it, you have edited your photo, but on how to export it, you see a box in the middle of plus or share Have to type on it and after that you have to click on click hair to gallery, after clicking, our photo will come in our gallery.

Pixallab app Download

So let’s talk about how to download Pixallab , you will get it easily on Play Store, you have 27 MB on Play Store and it is rated 4.5 on Play Store and 50 Millon Plus Download on Play Store. Is a user.

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