How To Make Instagram Neon Logo Editing Part-22

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Instagram logo edit

Hello friends welcome in another new fantastic post today so in this post we give you how to make lower third, how to make Instagram Animation logo, how to create Instagram Animation logo, make logo, Instagram logo tutorial, neon logo tutorial, how to make neon logo, how to make Insta animation logo, how to make full screen logo logo status logo , how to make full screen status, how to make motion photo full screen status type will tell people about creating so what you have to do is read the post until last

  • Kinemaster download
  • Open kinemaster
  • Layer add
  • Text add
  • Exporting fast
  • Colour add
  • Finally exporting
  • Conclusions
  • Materials Download

Kinemaster Download

So for this you will need the Kine Master application that you will easily find on the Play Store.What you have to do to download Kin Master is to go to the Play Store and go to the search bar and search the KineMaster and download the first result you will see from you and our Kin Master application will be installed after downloading from you.

Open Kinemaster app

After taking you go to the media and I have the effect of the video below after you have to download it, you have to select it first after you select it.

Layer Add

Then you have to go to the layer and I gave down the people one of them you have to take after taking a little recliner and adjust it to you according to the effect.

Text Add

Then write the text to you to write whatever text you want to write, such as the id of the YouTube channel to write it and you have to adjust to the people’s side and give you these and out animation after you’ve been on the side of the people.

Export 1st

Then you have to export and after exporting, you need to take a ratio of 16 ratio 9 again and take the video that you have just exported to the media

Colour add

After taking the video, you have to go to the layer and take the image of the color you want to apply from there. After taking the Image, you have to come to the blending option below after you come to the blending option, you can multiple it after you have selected the color, whichever color you have selected will be a color add to the people.

Finally Exporting

Then you have to export your status after exporting our status will be completely created after exporting what you have to do to go to the arrow above and after you have to select your quality, you have to export by clicking on export after you have to lie down from whatever quality you have to export.


Then our people have become completely, if you like this post, share it with your friends, if you are still having any problems, go to the comments box below and comment and we will reply it quickly.

Material Download

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