Kinemaster tutorial?what is Kinemaster?Kinemaster download

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Hello friends, in today’s post, we will tell you about the kinemaster Tutorial application, how to use the kine master application, what is the kine master application? kinemaster If you share anything with us and comment down, then let’s start, so first of all we know what is a master master, so let’s start

What Is Kinemaster ?

So Friends Key Master is a mobile video editing software. With its help, you can make a lot of effects and edit your video very well. is. You can consider this application to be the king of editing, but its biggest thing is that you can do video effects, video cutting, image add, video ad and many other things very well, but there is a problem that you Watermark is available. Which is a free Android App which is why it removes only after you purchase. You can also remove the watermark by juggling it, which you get to see on both Android and iOS. So let’s now know how to use a master master kinemaster tutorial

How to use Kinemaster?

So friends, it is very easy to use the key master application, friends, this is a block post, so in this we cannot tell the kinemaster application very well how you can use it. But we give you the basic information how to use you.

So first of all you have to open the key master application, after opening, you have to tap on plus, after tap, you have to select your ratio. After selecting Ratio, you have to take your video by going to the media and you have to take whatever video you want to take.

Learn to Cut Video?

So after selecting the video, you teach to cut. To cut, you have to tap on the video. After making the tape, click on the option of Catchy. After clicking on the option, you will see four options.

First option Trim to left of playhead What happens in it Your video will be cut from the left side.

Second Options Trim to right Of playhead What happens in this is that your video will be cut from right side.

The third option split at playhead, what happens in this is that wherever your video is selected, it will be cut in the middle and it will be split into two parts.

The fourth option is spilled and insert freeze frame. What happens in it? Now, whatever part you select, that part will freeze, meaning you will freeze.

Learn to add song?

To add a song, you have to click on the icon of the song and after selecting the song from there, after selecting the song, you will get a claim on the song’s plus, your song will be selected.

Learn to add layer ?

To add a layer, you have to go to the layer option, after going to the layer option, you have to go to the media and select any video or image you want to take, after selecting the video or image your Layer ads have been done. But the thing to keep in mind is that you should have a video add before then after that you can add the layer.

Add Green Screen Video (Chroma Key)

To add chroma key, first of all you have to go to the song layer after layer. You have to take the green screen video. After the green screen video call, you have to tap on the layer of the video. Go on and enable the Chroma key. After enabling it, your green screen video will be added.

Kinemaster has been downloaded by more than 100+ million people on the Play Store, it is 87 MB on the Play Store and it has a rating of 4.4 I feel a little bit of a problem that it has a watermark which is in every free editing application. Happens and you can purchase and remove this wotermark.

Kinemaster Download

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So friends, if you liked the information about the kinemaster tutorial given by us, then share it with your friends and now comment down on the recording of the download.

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