Holi Avee player template and Editing tutorial part-32

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Holi Status Editing

Hello friends welcome in today’s another new fantastic post, in today’s post we will see how you can make this kind of status avee player so you have to stay in this post, let’s start.

  • Avee Player template
  • Image add
  • Song add
  • Export status
  • Status Materials Download
  • Video Tutorials

And friends tell us that all the material we are using is the download link we have below you can go down and download them.

Avee Player Template Add

So first you have to take the avee player application open. After you open the avee player application you need to add avee player template to add avee player template you will see the box above. And from there you have to select your avee player template after moving from load to file. The link to the template I have below. You can add a template to the avee player application as follows.

Images Add

Then you have to add the image to what you have to do to add the image. Click on the pencil icon and you have to go to your image after you go to the image you have to go to the general settings first, and then you have to turn on the visible.

After you’ve turned on you have to come down. After you come to the bloor option on the bloor option, you have to off the blur of the tick. Then you have to come down and give off all the ticks you have after you come to the generated album art and after you come to it, you have to stop the three ticks.

Songs Add

So guys you will thus make your full status now what you have to do then add your song to add the song you will be seeing 3dot upwards. You have to go there and after you go there you have to select the song, you have to come back after you select the song and thus you can select your song.


So guys you can create your entire status so now you have to export your status to export what you have to do on the top you will see an arrow you have to click on it and you have to click on it.

Video Width -1080
Video Height – 1350

You have to keep so and after you keep it, you have to click on the export button and you can export your status. holi status editing

Status Materials Download

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Image Download

Song Download

Avee Player Template Download

Avee Player Download

Video Editing Tutorials

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